How to Delay or Resume the Windows 10 Updates

How to Delay /Pause or Resume the windows 10 updates

How to Pause & Resume the Windows Updates Download in Windows 10 OS: We all know that windows 10 will automatically download and install the new updates. Sometimes huge updates will download and install that will slow down the opening of web pages, users who are using the slow speed internet. How To Pause Windows Update Download In Windows 10 procedure given below.

For this issue we can pause the updates windows updates download. In this we provide you the information to delay the updates download.

How to Pause or Resume the Windows 10 updates:

To delay the windows 10 updates for a while you need to follow the below procedure, for that open the settings in your system by selecting it from the windows menu.

In settings, you should select for windows update & security option, because we have to pause the windows update for that we have to choose it.

How to Delay or Resume the Windows 10 Updates

Steps to follow to delay the windows 10 Updates:

  • Next click on the windows update option on the left side of the window, and then select advance options.

Windows Update’s advanced options

  • Then you can view the list of options in the advance options link.
  • In that select for “choose when updates are installed”.

  • Then choose the branch readiness level to determine when feature updates are installed.

  • In that we have two options.
  1. Current branch.
  2. Current branch for business.
  • Current branch is ready for most of the windows users. And the current branch for business is for the windows users who are using them in the organization.
  • Choose as your wish and requirements. Then select the number of days you want to differ for the feature updates and quality updates.
  • Then scroll down for the pause the updates option. In that on the pause option.

  • In that you have to choose how many days did the updates have to be pause, we have to choose not more than 35 days. After that we choose the number of days. It will update after that.

By this we can pause or resume the windows 10 updates. For Windows updates and latest trends about How to delay and/or block automatic software updates in Windows 10 bookmark our website

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