How to Connect Mobile Internet in your PC via USB cable Without Hotspot

Use internet from your android mobile in your PC/Laptop via USB cable, Without Hotspot

In the recent past years people use modems to access internet in their system wirelessly. After that with the improvement in the technology we are using the WiFi routers to access the internet wirelessly. Because the past there is no such an advance improvement in mobile technology.

But now there are drastic changes in the mobile phones and introduction of smart phones that we can have the entire world in our hand. Now a day we are using the mobile data as much as the use in laptop. We are using a lot of data in our mobile per month.

We can use our mobile data to our laptop also by using USB cable this method is called as USB tethering. In this we will provide you the information about how to use the mobile internet. The below is the detailed procedure. You can Share your Android’s internet connection with a Windows PC via USB Cable step by step guide is given below.

how to connect internet from mobile to pc using data cable

Steps to follow to Connect Mobile Internet in your PC via USB Cable:

    1. To access the mobile internet in your pc, the first step we have to do is enable the data connection in the mobile which is connected to the PC.
    2. To enable the data in the mobile tap on the settings button and click on data enable option, in that choose the cellular data option ‘on’.
    3. Then connect the mobile to the PC using USB cable inserting cable into USB port.
    4. Next we have to turn on the USB tether option in your mobile phone.
    5. For this open the settings option in your mobile select wireless and network option and tap on more option.
    6. In that choose tethering & portable hotspot option.
    7. In that select the first option USB tethering and make turn on.
    8. Then you’re your PC will install drivers automatically which are useful for sharing the data from the mobile. This will do only for the first time when we connect our mobile to the system.

Then we use the mobile internet data in our system. But make sure, that we had the mobile data plan because it will incur high cost when we over step our plan boundaries. For more info about How to Tether an Internet Connection with Android Phone via usb cable visit

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