How to Enable Power Throttling in Windows 10 to Save Battery Life

How to Manage Power Throttling on Windows 10 Save Battery Step by Step

Window 10 fall creators update version v1709 introduces a new power saving technology called power throttling. A unique feature is that it improves battery life by running background work in an efficient manner.

The primary purpose of power throttling is to help you of saving the potential of your battery, and to reduce power consumption when you’re low on charge.

You have full control over which apps are throttled. Then what is meant by power throttling and what is the purpose of power throttling.

Power throttling suspends apps which are working in the background if you have more important apps that are running in the foreground.

It detects when your system resources are being stretched by the work you’re actively doing and it looks to reduce the strain by ending unnecessary process.

In this we provide you the information about how to enable or disable power throttling in windows 10.

The below are the steps to follow to enable power throttling in windows 10 Operating System.

How to Disable (or) Enable Power Throttling in Windows 10

How to enable power throttling in windows 10?

The below are the steps to follow to enable power throttling in windows 10 OS.

  1. To enable the power throttling in windows 10, first of all open the settings app and in that go to system option.
  2. In that select the option battery, at the very top, just below the bar.
  3. That shows you the charge percentage of the battery is a ‘Battery usage by app’ option click on it.
  4. And then next you will see a list of all installed apps. Under some of these apps, you might notice ‘manage by windows messages.
  5. These are the apps that windows have already enabled power throttling for.
  6. And next click on the app that is installed in the list.
  7. Then windows will decide when the app can run in the background.

By that you will successfully enabled the power throttling app in windows 10 OS.

At present it is the starting stage of introducing it.

It has some hardware limitations, at present it works only on the systems which has Intel 6th generation or high processor.

Microsoft is working on it to support more number of processor.

Our next article will be on How to Disable Power Throttling for an Individual Process

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