About ALL Features & Benefits of Instagram with Hidden Features

All New Amazing Features & Functions of Instagram Including Hidden Features

What are some features & functions of instagram. Instagram is a one of the popular social networking site and mobile application. It was launched in 2010. By using Instagram we can share the pictures and videos in public mode or private mode.

But so many people don’t know the amazing features of the Instagram. So in this we are providing some amazing features of Instagram. By Knowing this features I am sure that people are going to rock in Instagram.

The below are some of the best features and characteristics of instagram

New all Features & functions of Instagram

Best features of Instagram:

The below are the amazing hidden features of the Instagram.

  • The main and one of the best features of the Instagram is we can use both mobile application and web application.
  • In instagram we can create our profile in three different ways like public which can see our profile every one.
  • Private which will see only our circle and finally we can create our profile as Business profile also which will be user can get some additional benefits.
  • The additional features of the Application are we can post the pictures or videos by using Geo tagging.
  • We can track the data how many members are viewed our post and how many members are reached the post.
  • Here we are sharing so many pictures and videos. But it consumes lot of data, No need to worry.
  • Instagram supports for data saving mode also. So many social networking sites does not support for this feature.
  • Someone will not comfortable with the comments. So here we can disable the comments.
  • We can get the Instagram stories based on our preferences. So Instagram will keep us in up to date.
  • No need to worry someone can morph our pictures. We can keep our profile in private mode.
  • Instagram is a public social networking site, so anybody can tag you. But you can remove your additional tagging or unnecessary tagging.

All the new & more amazing features and functions of Instagram visit https://www.instagram.com

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