How to Add or Pin the Commonly Accessed Applications to the TaskBar:

How to add or pin the commonly accessed applications to the TaskBar:

While we are working with the PC, we will open some applications regularly that which are in control panel. For accessing very quickly just by pinning them to the task bar. We can access them just by one click on it. Right then how to pin the applications with the task bar. In this we will give the procedure how to pin commonly accessed applications to the windows task. Then how to pin commonly accessed or regularly using applications to the windows TaskBar of your system?  And what is meant by TaskBar?

In this we provide you the information about the procedure to pin the commonly used, accessed or regularly using applications to the windows TaskBar and what is meant by TaskBar. The below is the information regarding the TaskBar.

First of all what is meant by TaskBar? Taskbar is the bar located at the bottom of the screen that allows you to launch and locate programs through the start button. And we can view the programs and application that are currently opened. And I also allows us to check the date & time and also to update them.

Another interesting task about Taskbar is that we can minimize the running application that which set up in TaskBar without closing it. Task bar first introduced by the windows only later it is introduced by apple in MAC OS versions. In the Taskbar we can pin the applications that we can use regularly that are which we want to access quickly.

How to use Taskbar:

And we can change the settings of the TaskBar and change the TaskBar location, rearrange the buttons of the task bar and we can lock or unlock the Taskbar. We can add the app to the task bar from the jump list.By following the below procedure we can pin the applications to the task bar.

How to add or pin the commonly accessed applications to the Task Bar in 5 Steps

How to add the commonly using applications to TaskBar:

The Below are the steps to follow to pin or add the regularly used or commonly accessed application to the TaskBar.For this we have to create a shortcut on the desktop, to create shortcut right click on desktop and select NEW option there by select shortcut.

  • Which application or tool we have created the shortcut. The tool which we want to pin will have the shortcut first for that reason we created it.
  • To extract the particular application in the short cut we have to type command. On depending on the application the shortcut is as follows:

1.Explorer shell: my documents (for documents shortcut)

2.Explorer shell: my music (for music short cut)

3.Explorer shell: my pictures (for pictures short cut)

  • Likewise which application you want to create type the name of the tool
  • After typing the command click on finish.
  • Then your tool or application short
  • cut is created on the desktop, then click right button on that shortcut tool then click on pin to TaskBar option.
  • Then immediately shortcut will pin to the TaskBar. This process will be applicable for all the windows versions.

We can use the TaskBar for more than just seeing your apps and finding out apps. You can make it looks as you want. You can manage your calendar, your favorite apps as explained above and you can move it on the screen as much as you can. For more windows tips & tricks visit our website

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