How to Find and Fix the Memory Leaks in Windows 7, 8, 10

How to Find and Fix the Memory Leaks in Windows 7, 8, 10 OS

Basically memory leaks is software issue which you have to debug. A memory leak is a misplacement or resource in a computer program due to faulty memory location. Memory leaks will happen when a RAM location not in use remains unreleased.

Disadvantages of memory leaks in Windows

We discussed about what is memory leak?  Then what happens with the memory leak. The below are the points that shows you what will happen when memory will leak.

  • Exhausting of memory leakage will leads in software aging.
  • Memory leak will lead to the crash of an application.
  • Memory leak will leads to the poor performance of the system and it eventually increase the response time of the system.

Then how to find the memory leak in windows 7, 8, 10? By following the below steps you can find wheather there is a memory leak or not.

  • To find the leak in your windows system first of all determine whether the leak has occurred or not.
  • And after that locate a leak caused by a kernel mode driver component.
  • There you can find the memory leak is happened or not in your system.

By following the above methods one can find the memory leak, that’s ok to find the problem, then what about how to fix the memory leak problems in windows? For that we provide you the information about how to fix the memory leak problem in windows 10/8/7.

How to Find and Fix the Memory Leaks in Windows os 7, 8, 10

Various ways to prevent and stop memory leak

The below are the various ways to prevent and stop the memory leaks in windows systems.

  • The basic way to stop or prevent the memory leaks is restart your PC so that the freed space is available for use by other processor.
  • Check for drivers update and update the driver software regularly, so that you can solve the windows memory leak, because some outdated drivers will cause memory leaks.
  • By optimizing the performance of the windows will manage the processor scheduling and memory usage to stop memory leaks.
  • The other way to stop the memory leak is by disabling the memory leak programs is the only way to get rid of the memory leak.
  • And the usual to prevent and stop the memory leak is by regular monitorising RAM usage by individual applications and programs.

Besides of all the various ways to prevent the memory leak in windows. There are some diagnostic tools that are provided by the Microsoft windows.

  • Javascript memory leak detector.
  • CRT bug heap detector.
  • UMDH memory leak preventer.
  • Trace capture are some of the tools that are used to diagnosys the memory leak in RAM.

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