Microsoft Fall Creators Update and its New Features 2019

How to Download and install the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update 2019

The below are the features of fall creator

Microsoft Fall Creator and its Features Update New features

About Microsoft Windows 10 Fall Creator Updates 2019 and its Features

Windows fall creators update download 2019: Microsoft had released the new feature of windows 10, with a whole new set of features and enhancement for the users. And this new update is called micro soft windows 10 fall creators update.

In this we provide you the information about the features of the new windows 10 update fall creators.

Features of Microsoft windows 10 fall creators

The below are the best features, we can get by installing the windows 10 fall creators update.

  • Mixed reality; this is the updated version for virtual reality. This mixed reality app is free with the windows 10 fall creators update. With the mixed reality viewer you can see the 3D images from any other sources or you can create it in paint by using it.
  • Voice activated power commands: in addition to the existing voice activated features liking reaching Cortana above the lock screen, we can now ask Cortana to shutdown, restart or to keep sleep your computer.
  • Pen and touch improvements: the fall creator’s updates will increase the touch and lining features. It has added a new touch keyboard with text prediction, and quicker access to emoji.
  • task manager GPU tracking: task manager now has a new GPU option in performance tab that shows GPU utilization and memory usage. Processes are also grouped in the main task manager interface.
  • DPI improvements: if you are facing the problems when you use the second screen or monitor with a laptop. If you have a DPI display like a 4K monitor, you will no longer to logout to fix the blurry desktop app.
  • People integration: my people are the Microsoft method of making the static windows 10 task bar a little more personal. You can now pin friends, coworkers, or family members to the taskbar, for quick access to contact details.
  • You can pin your favorite websites to taskbar. Pin a website to the taskbar from Microsoft edge to have the icon show up in the taskbar for instant access.
  • You can edit the URL of any favorite in the favorite menu with this new update of windows 10.

We can enter the full screen by pressing the f11 key by the new feature we can exit the fullscreen by pressing again f11 key.

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